Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about this site, our company, and shrub & tree care.

Fescue is a cool season turf and nomally deteriorates each year due to the heat and can thin severely by August.  Consequently it should be aerated and seeded each fall. This will allow the fescue to successfully germinate and develop before the onset of the hot summer weather. Spring seeded fescue will normally germinate but then begin to die as temperatures increase because the root system did not fully develop

In the Atlanta area warm season turf can be aerated multiple times each year if the compaction level warrants. Ideally aeration should be done from the period just prior to green up through September. If the lawn is severely compacted then aeration can be scheduled prior to green up, again in June and again in August. Once compaction levels have decreased then yearly spring aerations should be adequate unless compaction increases again.


Be sure to use a quality, hybrid turf type tall fescue. Blends of these hybrid, turf type fescues are fine (and in some cases superior to single variety types) but DO NOT use mixes with grasses such as Chewings fescue, red fescue or blue grass. At this time, we also do not recommend "Heat Tolerant Blue" blue grass for our area. On the seed tag, germination should be at least 90%, purity in excess of 90% and the "Other" (noxious weeds) should be less than 1%. These are ideal numbers and you may have to settle for something slightly less. Also be sure the seed is not over a year old. High quality seed is expensive. If you find a exceptionally low price way out of line with other prices then look closely to determine the reason. A deal is not always a deal.


Prestige does not offer pruning, planting or landscape planning services.