The Prestige Chemical Spray and Fertilization Program for Ornamental Landscapes

Our Shrub and Tree care program consist of 6 visits. The initial application is a spring fertilization, followed by 4 insect, mite and disease suppression applications finishing with a fall fertilization.

Our spring fertilizer mix is a complete fertilizer with a mixture of fast and slow release nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients. Our Fall mix consists of bio-organic additives such as kelp and cytokinins along with potassium for over wintering and special adjuvants to enhance soil penetration. We primarily use a drench technique to apply these nutrient mixtures but in some instances we do inject the material into the soil.

Our insect, mite and disease control programs are based on an Integrated Plant Health Maintenance program. We use fungicides, miticides and insecticides judiciously so as to minimize the amount of pesticide used on your property. We further reduce pesticide use by targeting only certain plants and knowing which pests we will encounter at each visit. By improving the health and vigor of the plants we reduce their susceptibility to pest attack thereby reducing the need for high doses of pesticides.

Program costs vary depending on the size of your planting and types of plants. The minimum cost per application is $85.00 ($510.00 per year for the six treatment program). A free analysis of your landscape will be conducted to determine the actual cost of your program.


Prestige does not offer pruning, planting or landscape planning services.