Ice Melt

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Avoid using NaCl (rock salt and table salt) especially.  If possible use one of the newer “environmentally friendly” products such as Keep it Green KIG40 Snow & Ice Melter.  We have it listed on our Product Recommendation page (click here).    If you can’t find the eco-friendly products then use potassium, magnesium or calcium chloride products.  These are less corrosive to metal and concrete than salt and are relatively less harmful to the plants.  The chlorine in these products is the main problem.

Here are some pointers for de-icing.

  • If you have a recurring ice build up problem then try to re-route the water so it does not collect.
  • Use small amounts of de-icer to treat icy areas.  Don’t overdose.  A little chemical usually will do the job.
  • Pre-treat the problem area or the area where you expect a problem.
  • Most of the DE-icers don’t work below 5 degrees.  If it is that cold, stay in and wait for warmer temperatures.
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