Leyland Cypress dropping needles?

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All trees, including Leyland Cypress, require at least 5 gallons of water per inch of trunk diameter applied one time per week. This means if you have a 6” diameter trunk on your tree, the tree needs 30 gallons of water applied one time per week.

If you have a drip system with emitters then you should have 4 emitters per tree (one at the 12, 3 6, and 9 position) for uniform watering. Have your irrigation specialist tell you how much water the four emitters apply per hour so that you can determine how long to water to obtain the proper amount per watering.

If you use soaker hoses, make a 3′-4′ loop around the base of each tree. Since soaker hoses are difficult to calibrate, water until you have moistened the soil to a depth of 6”-8” one time per week.

Above 90 degrees you may have to add a second day of watering to maintain the soil moisture at the 6”-8” depth.

When Leylands begin to stress, the Seridium canker begins to infect the trees. Once the trees have Seridium canker then they will eventually die. By simply keeping the trees water you can greatly decrease the development of the canker disease.  Click here for a Prestige Info Sheet on this issue.

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