Fall Fertilization

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Many “organic” fertilizers should, more properly, be called “natural” products as they can contain inorganic compounds.

We don’t claim to provide an organic program. Effective programs are blends of organic and non-organic technologies. This yields the best of both worlds.

Here is an explanation of what is in our fall recovery mix.

  • Seaweed extract: This improves plant metabolism, especially during stress conditions, stimulates root growth, especially after root damage has occurred, and contains high levels of cytokinins which are used at the cellular level and can delay the aging process of the cells.
  • Humic Acids: This provides a carbon source for the soil microorganisms, increases plant metabolism during stress conditions and improves the root’s ability to absorb nutrients. Humates also help to retain moisture in the soil making it more available to the plant.
  • Sucrose: This provides an energy source for both the soil microorganisms and the plant.
  • Vitamins: These act to enhance plant growth metabolism.
  • Amino Acids: These are the basic building blocks for necessary proteins essential for plant metabolism.
  • Beneficial Bacteria: Our mix contains 6 species of naturally occurring bacteria. These bacteria work to add atmospheric nitrogen to the soil and help to release soil nutrients to the plants. In some instances they can suppress certain pathogenic fungi and increase the amount of phosphorous available to the plant.
  • Potassium: This element is used in stress reduction and builds over-winter hardiness. We use potassium sulphate to reduce chlorine levels.
  • We also add a wetting agent to increase soil penetration

We will be applying this mix to the soil around your trees and shrubs.


This application does not contain nitrogen.

This application does not force growth.

It is non-burning.

It does not have to be watered in.

Any rainfall we receive will move the products into the root zone and there they begin to react with the soil which enhances water retention and nutrient uptake by the plant. The bottom line is that this application helps the plant recover from stress and prepare for winter.

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